Get National ID or Passport

Get the National ID or Passport

Get the National ID or Passport:

Get Somaliland Nationality/citizenship Identity Card:

The Issuance of Somaliland Nationality/citizenship Identity Cards is made in accordance to the Citizenship Law No. 22/2002  which states obtaining of confirmation of citizenship and all those who can acquire citizenship. The Law No. 37/2007 of the Voter Registration and its Amendment 2014 can also be referred to.

Based on these laws, as a citizen you can apply and have your citizenship issued by the Identity Offices (Xafiiska Taysarooyinka) of the Municipal councils in all the regional capitals of Somaliland. The condition and key part of the process is that you bring the traditional leader (Akil) of your community/clan to prove your origin of Somaliland. Especially, most the citizens from the Somaliland Diaspora who need to have their National IDs get it issued by the Hargeisa Municipality. Mostly, they need the ID to register a new business, or embark on other projects all to which holding SL National ID is condition. The National ID is also a requirement for applying Somaliland Passport.

NOTE: Somaliland Diaspora Agency collaborates with the Ministry of Interior and Hargeisa Municipal Council to prove citizenship of the person from the Somaliland Diaspora and who needs to have the National ID. Therefore, it is also a process now to go to the Somaliland Diaspora Agency Head Office inside the compound of the Ministry of Foreign & Affairs & International Cooperation in Hargeisa and get a Certifying Note for you to Hargeisa Municipal Council. We shall write you this after you submit a copy of your foreign passport and we ask you few basic questions for verification. A $15 fee is also part of the process.


Get Somaliland Passport:

The Republic of Somaliland has its own E-passport issued in accordance to the immigration laws of the country as processed by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior of Somaliland.  It is a secure universal standard electronic passport carrying a chip of the holder’s information.  The Somaliland E-passport replaced the Old Passport which was used for a decade over in 2015.

The Passport is issued in three different types as Ordinary Passport, Service Passport and Diplomatic Passport and each has its own process of application for issuance.

Learn the process for getting the Ordinary Passport of Somaliland:-

Any Somaliland citizen can get the passport provided that  he/she proves his/her citizenship and meets the following requirements:-

The applicant must provide:

  1. A copy of his/her Nationality Identity Card of Somaliland
  2. A crime clearance certificate from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  3. A crime clearance certificate from the Authorney General ‘s Office
  4. 3 recent passport size photos
  5. The Passport Application Form completed before the Immigration Officer and
  6. A receipt of $150 paid to the Ministry of Finance Revenue Office inside the Immigration Department


Somaliland Service and Diplomatic Passports:

The whole process may take you to not more than 3-7 days if you speed up.

Somaliland Diplomatic Passport is issued on basis of a set up criteria at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation and the Ministry can only write and refer to the Immigration Department to get the Diplomatic Passport if you meet this criteria. The criteria list all the officials eligible and entitled to have Diplomatic passport issued to them.

Somaliland Service Passport can be applied by the civil servants only with the application letter issued by their employer ministry/institution.

Can I get the passport if I don’t have the Nationality Identity Card at the time?

No, you cannot get it. It is the number one condition and requirement, and so that it is an obligatory to you to have your Nationality/citizenship Identity Card before applying for a passport. However, you need to go to the Civil Registration Department of the Ministry of Interior to have your citizenship approved legally and related certificate issued to you to get other issues done in times of urgency.

To which countries can I travel to with the Somaliland Passport?

Somaliland has diplomatic relations with a number of countries that accept Somaliland passport and issue visa to it at their embassies/consulates general in Somaliland and/or some on arrivals. These include Ethiopia, Djibouti, Taiwan, UAE, S/Arabia, Egypt, UK, USA on different conditions to some of them. However, Somaliland diplomats and civil servants can travel to more than 15 countries with the diplomatic and service passports.

Foreign Diplomatic Representations in Somaliland and Visa Service on Somaliland Passport:

  • Ethiopia Consulate General 
  • Djibouti Consulate General
  • Turkey (Only the Service Passport) Consulate General
  • Denmark (Only diplomatic passports) DANIDA Office
  • UK (Only diplomatic passports) FCO Representative
  • Kenya (Underway)

It is only the Ethiopian Consulate General in Hargeisa that issues the most visas on the ordinary passports of Somaliland though citizens somewhat suffer in the process of getting the entry visas to Ethiopia and queue up  days or even weeks to get it done. Apart from the diplomatic and service passports plus the passports of the government delegations or the invited delegates to conferences and students groups for scholarships, the Consulate only provides visas to the Somaliland citizens in need of going to Ethiopia for medical reasons and for appointments with the foreign embassies based in Addis Abababa. For the health purpose, the requirement is providing medical certificate issued by Hargeisa Hospital and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, and showing written evidence (Email text with the date) for the said appointment. There is another requirement also of providing the telephone number of someone resident in Addis Ababa. The process include paying $40 for the Ethiopian visa.

NOTE: Ethiopia doesn’t accept travelers with foreign passports and travelling thorough the land border. Therefore, those from the Somaliland Diaspora and who want to get visas to Addis Ababa can then only go with the airlines and not land transports.

 NOTE:  Taiwan and Somaliland adopted agreement between them to exempt visas from their nationals at both sides. As a Somaliland national, you can travel to Taiwan with Somaliland Passport without looking for an entry visa, and similarly Taiwanese don’t need to get visas to come to Somaliland. A circular from the Immigration Department is available at the Immigration Offices of Somaliland Airports, Seaports and in the entrances of the land borders.