Build a house

Build a house or another type of building

Build a house or another type of building:-

You can only build a house or can make another type of construction if you have the land property FILE. Once you have the FILE, the process is very simple and easy.  Just go to the District Commission (Waaxda/Degmada) and pay lumpsum money of $218 if there is any outstanding tax.  Whether you are building only foundation (Sees) or constructing the complete house, the fee is the same and it is only paid one time.  For example, if you pay the $218 for constructing a foundation only, you will not be asked again when building the house.


Construction contractors:

There are many reputable and professional construction contractors and/or real estate service providers mostly based in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. People from the Somaliland Diaspora include the most clients that these companies regularly serve, build houses, business premises etc and also provide other kind real estate services such as house rentals.

The leading construction companies include AL Baraka, Najax, Almis etc who are based in Hargeisa and also have presence and operate in all the other regions of Somaliland. You can have your house built and rented if so needed while being abroad as many of the companies serve the Diaspora in this way. The Somaliland Diaspora can facilitate your connection and dealing with any of the appropriate contractors we have trust in. Both many construction contractors and other real estate service providers can also assist you in renting your house once built and/or purchasing a land space. If you are interested in this, please write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For direct contact to the construction contractors, please refer to the Business Directory uploaded to this menu of the website.