Make a land property file

Register a land property

Register a land property

 When you own a land as property which you bought or obtained in another way, you have to legally register your plot (s) of land at the Municipality of the City it locates and make the land property FILE. The process from the District level (Waaxda/Degmada) to the Municipal Council (DawladdaHoose) is more bureaucratic but not difficult and may not even take you more than two weeks provided that your ownership is clear and not uncertain.

The process steps are as follows:-

  1. Write an application in request of   your land registration to the District Commission enclosed with the Public Notary Certificate of your ownership (If you have any). You have to indicate the width of your land.
  2. A Geometer (Joomitir) will follow you to see it, measure it and ensure that the plot(s) is in line with proper town planning.
  3. The District Commission will fill in this information in the Land Registration Form and make a FILE for the Plot(s).
  4. The District Commission itself will submit the FILE to the Municipal Council  and the FILE will undergo for verifications and approval in the following offices which each will sign and approve:-
  1. Office of the Director General of the Municipal Council
  2. Office of the Planning Dept
  3. Office of the Land Section
  1. Once you complete the above steps, you are then allowed to pay the land tax of SL SH 1600 per a meter of the plot(s).
  2. The EXECUTIVE form (FoomkaFulinta) will be filled in and put in the FILE
  3. Finally, you will take an original copy of your FILE and similar copy will record in the Archives Section of the Municipal Council.

NOTE:  for registering land property, you must pay the normal levied land tax to the Local Government (Cashuurta Ardiyadda) of SL SH 1500 per meter for every twelve months or per a year. In addition, you will have to pay 10% sales tax out of your land value once you purchased it and the amount is indicated in the Public Notary Certificate.