Volunteer Guide

Diaspora Volunteer Guide

Diaspora Volunteer Guide:

Knowledge skills transfer is one of the significant contributions of the Diaspora to their country of origin. Somaliland Diaspora has engaged in different beneficial areas including the higher education, health services, institutional development and the all relevant consultancies as well.. There are members of the professional Diaspora qualified in various fields who sacrifice their time and proficiency to serve home providing trainings, lectures, consultancies, medical services, surveys and research studies, developing tools, policies and procedures etc in the public sector in short periods.

These include youth in their early academic graduation or in universities who are interested to work as volunteers at the public institutions in order to serve home and to acquire service experiences in some cases. The volunteers are more during summer holidays and it usually takes 2-3 months period of their stay and sometimes may be longer. 

SLDA encourages the thoughtful people like this and believes that such volunteerism is useful both the volunteer and the country. Especially, for the young volunteers, this is good interaction, experience and learning the local environment; and on the other it is valuable human resource and voluntary knowhow for the government ministries and the autonomous public agencies.

How can I know and register to volunteer home?

The interested Diaspora volunteers can register online via the website of SLDA www.sldiaspora.org by either filling the online form or downloading the registration form and sending us back after completing via the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicants can also visit SLDA Head Office inside the Compound of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in Hargeisa in the working hours 7:30 AM – 1:30 AM.

SLDA has information of the public service needs and so that is giving guidance to the volunteers, making appropriate placements for them in matching their professions and present needs, and is facilitating the process.

It would be very useful if you could apply to volunteer home by completing the above process just 2-3 weeks before your arrival and so that you can avoid losing time in case you are staying very short period.


You can also reach us by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inform us your willingness to volunteer or ask us a question in relation the Diaspora Volunteering at home and abroad as well for the interests and wellbeing of the Republic of Somaliland.

Is there any financial incentive or of other kind support to the Diaspora Volunteers at home?

The Somaliland Government has not volunteer-funded program to provide financial incentives to the volunteering Diaspora apart from limited opportunities for recruiting professionals to work for ministries and other public institutions under IOM’s Projects in Somaliland. However, you can volunteer in the public institutions in the city/town you are staying in Somaliland such as the Capital, Hargeisa, Borama, Berbera, Burao, Las’anod, Erigavo, Gabiley, Odweine, Ainabo etc.

As a volunteer, you will have right to get office space to do work and also work from home and occasionally come to office. You will also have right to use the Ministry Personnel Bus with the staff to come to office and go to home.

Can I volunteer in the rural and remote areas?

The Lack of Volunteer-funded programs cannot enable volunteers to go field trips or work in remote and rural areas outside the cities provided that you are not a Self-funded Volunteer or such an organized Self-funded Voluntary Team, and also has no other means of sponsor to work there. However, this can also depend on the employer public organization as some of them may support the Professional Volunteer to go field trips and do works in remote and rural areas in the regions.

What do I benefit?

As a citizen of Somaliland, it is your duty to volunteer to serve home as so it is to every other Somalilander, and our country needs much human capital to develop and prosper according to Somaliland Vision 2030. Our Country needs the professional Diaspora expertise and experiences. But also on the other hand, as a volunteer you gain much from working at home as you learn more on the course. This is also very useful for the Diaspora-born youth who acquire much professional experiences, have access to interact, integrate, and socialize well with their fellow colleagues and citizens. Other advantages for you as a volunteer, is also getting access to knowing other opportunities and the possibility to find employment in other organizations.

Can I volunteer to help my country while being abroad?

Of course yes, all the Somaliland Diaspora professionals, activists and scholars who are regularly contributing to Somaliland are our beloved volunteers. But also and particularly you can work with SLDA as a volunteer in many ways to support national goals, priorities and public needs also depending your profession and skills. Different needs you can volunteer to support SLDA work and interests of your country, Somaliland include the following:-

  • REGISTRATION: Database of the Diaspora human capital and financial resources as well: this is for gathering information of the professional members with the various educational backgrounds and qualifications, information of the professional Somalilanders working with potential public or private institutions in the host country, Somalilanders investors in the host country, activists and the volunteers within the community, and also the connections of the registered Diaspora charity organizations, youth forums, educational, religious or other social groups of the Somalilanders in the host country;
  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: this is for seeking potential partnerships and sponsors for funding for specific prioritized projects in Somaliland which we assign you to support. Designing and writing proposals also include in this section.
  • SUPPORTNG URGENT HUMANITARIAN NEEDS: this is for raising monetary funds or other kind donations both from the Somalilanders community and from other stakeholders in the hosting country; to contribute to specific urgent needs of individual persons or groups such as persons or households suffering from serious health problems that could be helped at home or suffering from the result of natural or man-made disasters.
  • CONSULTANCY: you can support public institutional capacity building b volunteering to review and develop policies, procedures, plans and other tools necessary for the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery, finance and human resource management, formulating laws, creating databases, website etc