About SLDA

SLDA Background Information:

 Establishing Official Diaspora Engagement Institution has been part of the political program of the incumbent political party, Kulmiye, and the commitment of the current Somaliland President, HE. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Siilaanyo) during his campaign for the country’s leadership and thus became one of his first fulfilments after election in 2010.

The Somaliland Diaspora Agency (SLDA), was established on the basis of the presidential decree No JSM/M/DM/249/0133/08210 dated on 26/8/2010 as autonomous public body aligned to the Foreign Affairs Policy; and is based on the national constitutional article 90th for the coordination and cooperation of Somaliland Diaspora communities worldwide.


SLDA has its legal status and personality in accordance of the bill on the Establishment of the Somaliland Diaspora Agency, which has been passed by the Executive Council/Cabinet of the Government of Somaliland   in June 2017 and in process for the Somaliland Legislative Council. The existence of this Agency signifies the government of Somaliland accords that Somaliland’s Diaspora engagement is actualization of coordination and cooperation of SLDC worldwide, with the focus of protecting and promoting their interest at first and secondly engaging them into national development agenda in Somaliland (NDP II 2017-2021), which has high political and economic importance in the country.  


SLDA has connections and mutual communication with the existing Diaspora community committees and Diaspora charity organizations in the most of the key host countries – over 50 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. We closely with the Diaspora committees/focal points, volunteers, the Diaspora-led Charity Organizations, Somaliland Ambassadors/Representatives abroad, different concerned ministries, and other public and private stakeholders, as well as INGOs all for the purpose of achieving goals and national priorities through the Diaspora engagement, and by implementing strategies and interventions that can support the sector development, and in alignment to the National Development Plan II (2017-2021) and Somaliland Vision 2030. 



Ø  Establish a well-functioning organization that mobilizes, coordinates and integrates Somaliland Diaspora efforts to foster development in Somaliland and Diaspora communities abroad, and bring political stability and economic prosperity to Somaliland through proper engagement of the Diaspora Community




Ø  Support and facilitate the Somaliland Diaspora to contribute to social, economic, technological and political development to Somaliland through awareness, networking, policy dialogue, research and studies and setting up mechanisms and regulatory frameworks that best suits the sector;

Ø  Work in partnership with the Diaspora Communities, their host countries,  Somaliland Ambassadors and Representatives abroad, public and private  institutions and all other stakeholders of concern in order serve and engage the Diaspora in the homeland development, tackle poverty and promote social justice.


Strategic Objectives:

Ø  Enhance the role of Diaspora as active representatives in promoting and protecting the interests of Somaliland in abroad;

Ø  Draw up essential regulatory frameworks and mechanisms for better practices in engaging, coordinating and integrating the Diaspora in the development;

Ø  Enhance and maximize Diaspora contribution to accelerated development programs of Somaliland, harnessing and combining all efforts in an adequate planning strategy which fits in the policy of matching interests of active partners in the area;

Ø  Establish reliable information sources and databank in relation to Diaspora awareness and information;

Ø  Enhance unity, cooperation and networking of Somaliland Diaspora communities and discourage political and tribal divisions that can negatively affect interests of Somaliland;

Ø  Conduct lobbying and create better cooperation and understanding among Diaspora in general, hosting countries and Somaliland on economic, cultural and social development sectors and other issues of common interest by firstly creating   satisfactory and suitable environment locally;

Ø  Plan placement and distribution of the Diaspora volunteers willing to volunteer to serve their country during their holidays, register and provide them guidance and consultancy.



Business to Host Street

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Press Release: Presidential Condolences regarding London Terror Attack on Saturday night, 3rd of June 2017

The President of Republic of Somaliland;

H.E. Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo)

The terror attack in London on Saturday, 3rd of June 2017 was shocking and heartbreaking. The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo), his government members and the people of Somaliland are strongly condemning the horrific attack which has left scores of innocent people injured and dead. This cruel attack was outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians; it was an attack on all of humanity and the universal values.

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Here are shown those organizations of the public, private, both national international stakeholders including the Somaliland Diaspora charity organizations, groups, investors etc that may support us in the implementation of projects and programs in any form of contribution and cooperation that is applicable and pertinent to our common values.




Muuqaalka sawirka Somaliland Americans



The Joe Beasley Foundation


































Professional researches

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