Somaliland:SLDA urges SL citizens to support and vote for Zainab Ansell bid for African Travel 100 Women Awards. by MGoth on August 6,


  TheAtqnews. com has actually launched the list of the African Travel 100 Women Awards as part   of the Women in TourismProgram Nominations for the award formally opened on the 12 th of   July for the world to choose finest female promoters of travel and tourist in Africa, the leaders, the leaders and the stars.

Theelections ended on The 22 nd ofJuly The ladies in tourist acknowledgment will occur at the 13 th AKWAABA African Travel Market at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos on the 11 th of September 2017.

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SLDA functions and the Key Services we offer Include:


  • Facilitate services and guidance to the Diaspora at home;
  • Organize policy dialogue, consultations and information sharing workshops, conferences and events towards boosting the Diaspora engagement in the homeland development;
  • Facilitate connections of the Diaspora contributors and the community projects and prioritized needs;
  • Give information and raise awareness of the Diaspora in the situation of the country I.e. investment opportunities, national policies and plans, priorities and emergencies;
  • Mobilize the Diaspora to advance the Somaliland cause;
  • Register information of the Diaspora processionals when come home and through online registration (;
  • Register and guide Diaspora volunteers, refer them to the concerned ministries and public institutions, facilitate and help their placements;
  • Go to round trips to give information to the Diaspora, raise their awareness and consult with them abroad;
  • Organize summer programs;
  • Celebrate National Diaspora Day annually and organize related events;
  • Recognize and award the best Diaspora contributors on annual basis;
  • Conduct surveys and assessments upon the Diaspora contribution and projects as well as existing priorities and needs the Diaspora can help;
  • Advocate for the interests and needs of the Diaspora when they are at home including those interested in investing businesses etc;
  • Collect information from the Diaspora at the national airports when coming as well as on returning to get feedback from them.





Abdi Abdullahi Hersi (Dayaxweerar), Chairman

The third Chairman appointed to the Somaliland Diaspora Agency and has been holding office since in April, 2015


Hassan Ahmed Yusuf,                         Executive Director

Joined SLDA in January, 2010 and has been the Executive since in Dec, 2015


Fatima Ahmed Mohamed                   Director of Admin/finance Department

Joined the Team in Dec, 2015


Sahra Mohamed Hashi,                      Director of Planning & Research Department

Joined the Team in January, 2017


Afnan Saeed Jama,                             Financial Assistant/Accountant

Joined the Team in January, 2016


Mohamed Hussein Abdullahi              Head of Communication

Joined the Team in January, 2017


Abdirahman Yusuf Mohamud,            Diaspora Servicer Officer at the Airport

Joined the Team in January, 2017


Nasir Muhumed Hassan,                    Research & Public Relations Officer

Joined the Team in February, 2017


Mohamed Ali Artan,                           Diaspora Service Officer at the Airport

Joined the Team in January, 2011


Shukri Hassan Kahin,                           Secretary/Administrative Officer

Joined the Team in February, 2011


Omer Barre Weerar,                          Logistics Officer

Joined the Team in Dec, 2016


SLDA has also regional representatives, focal points abroad, volunteers at office and abroad, consultants and other temporary staff members. We have currently vacancies at the SLDA for the professional Diaspora members who can volunteer their talents and experience to support developing policies and tools, creating databases, social media promotion, data collection, etc. if you are interested to working with us on voluntary basis for about 2-3 months more or less, please send your CV and letter of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






SLDA Organizational chart



Here are shown those organizations of the public, private, both national international stakeholders including the Somaliland Diaspora charity organizations, groups, investors etc that may support us in the implementation of projects and programs in any form of contribution and cooperation that is applicable and pertinent to our common values.




Muuqaalka sawirka Somaliland Americans    


The Joe Beasley Foundation